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Led by Milanese entrepreneur Antonio Baldan, Baldan Group is a true empire dedicated entirely to beauty. Our main goal is to create aesthetic projects aimed at restoring quality of life both psychologically and physically.

We offer an extraordinary blend of advanced high-tech techniques and renowned dermocosmetic and nutritional lines. All supported by solid marketing strategies specifically formulated for the beauty and wellness sector, which have allowed our group to grow and evolve into a market leader.

In Italy, Baldan Group is the official supplier to over 8000 beauty institutes and approximately 2500 pharmacies. Every day, these customers are pampered and assisted by a sales network consisting of 250 agents, 50 beauty consultants, and over 30 specialized consultants, including cosmetologists, chemists, dermatologists, aesthetic surgeons, dieticians, and nutritionists.


Led by Milanese entrepreneur Antonio Baldan, a man with an innate passion for his company, which has allowed him to become one of the most brilliant businessmen in Italy. He is the architect of the success that Baldan Group has consolidated over the years, a success based on the extraordinary combination of effective high-tech methods and innovative dermocosmetic and nutritional lines.

After completing his studies, Brando joined the family business, where he currently serves as the President, dedicating himself to start-ups in European markets, starting with England. He is currently responsible for the internationalization and technological innovation of the company, both in terms of products and infrastructure, IT, and organization.

Amanda Baldan entered the company through the creation of her original brand of eco-friendly fur products, Made in Italy. With her entry into Baldan Group, Amanda brings a green and sustainable vision. She is currently responsible for skincare and makeup products and, as a staunch supporter of animal rights and the environment, aims to increasingly steer the company towards sustainability. Following in her father’s footsteps, she is also the Sales Manager for Baldan Group UK and the Irish market, demonstrating excellent communication skills with the sales network and clients. Since 2022, she has assumed the position of CEO of the company.


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The constant search for innovative and cutting-edge solutions makes Baldan Group the ideal support for a successful and constantly evolving business, targeting demanding individuals with precise objectives. That is why the work of Baldan Group professionals is constantly evolving.