Excess fat is a common problem among the population of different parts of the world. The health risks, derived from the conduct of an incorrect lifestyle, are a reality not to be underestimated* and go beyond the pure aspiration to achieve the perfect silhouette.

And when diet and exercise are not enough, modern aesthetic technology comes to the aid!

*A study funded by the EU, involving about 350,000 people in 9 European countries, revealed that having a very large waist almost doubles the risk of premature death, even in people with a “normal” body mass. The results are published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine. (Source: Imperial College London, 2008).
Keeping your buttock muscles in shape is also extremely important. Their tone, in fact, is fundamental for the health and stability of the knees.

B-TONIC+ is an innovative aesthetic technology that works on reshaping the body.

It acts on the muscles and at the same time
counteracts fat

A B-TONIC + session lasts from 20 to 30 minutes!

No pain, no damage to the surface
No downtime


Due to the action of B-TONIC+, the muscles need calories to perform contractions.
As a result, excess fat is burned and, at the same time, the treated area is sculpted and toned.


It is not an electrostimulation and is ideal for anyone who wants to work on localized fat.

B-TONIC+ acts on:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Thighs

B-TONIC+ treatment is fast, risk-free and requires no downtime.
Immediately after the session, in fact, you can immediately return to normal daily activities.


Risorsa 3

Tissue reduction

Risorsa 5

Measurable toning of the treatable muscle

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Reduction of the circumference

A complete B-TONIC treatment involves a few sessions, the effects are already visible from two to four weeks after the last session and last up to 6 months.

To maintain the effects obtained one session per month is recommended.

Thanks to the dedicated handpiece, B-TONIC+ saves time and effort when fixing the applicator on the affected body area.
Thanks to the Double Layer Coil, B-TONIC+ acts in depth for a more powerful effect.
Available with one handpiece or two handpieces.

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