Outstanding… Simply outstanding. Both the company and the products. I’m satisfied and my customers are happy that I use the latest-generation products and machines.

Grazia Fiorella Dipilato customer Baldan Group
Grazia Fiorella Di PilatoD&G Hairdressers

A leading company in the beauty industry!!! It offers many strategies and products suited to every need… Cutting-edge technology with amazing and unique results especially with T-SHAPE AND FIBRA… Satisfied customers who are always prepared to try new products… A GREAT COMPANY AND GREAT PROFESSIONALS

Giorgia Croatti customer Baldan Group
Giorgia CroattiBeauty Centre Contact

Excellent dieting products. I lost 5 kilos in 15 days (on 2 of them I didn’t stick to the diet…), then I reshaped with #tshape and in 6 sessions I lost 12 cm around the abdomen. Fantastic! All recommended to me by my trusted beautician Deasun.

Olimpia Russo customer Baldan Group
Olimpia RussoSatisfied customer

Just fantastic!!! Incredible products, very effective machines and 24/7 assistance!! The best.

Donatella Micucci customer Baldan Group
Donatella MicucciBeautician