“Excessive and disordered consumption of food, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, has become one of the main public health problems.”
This is stated by the World Health Organization which has launched a new alarm on the occasion of Obesity Day.

According to the National Health Observatory,
35% of the population is overweight,
and even 1 in 10 people is obese

Nutrition plays a central role in people’s health;
however, many overweight people can not effectively lose weight with traditional restrictive diets and exercising.

These are the reasons that motivated us to research, through complex studies, the development of a technology able to address the difficult anti-obesity challenge.

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The system designed to trigger aerobic metabolism, general localized weightloss and happiness.

All this translates into progressive and natural weight loss through a pleasant and effortless program.

InfraBaldan 3.0


Activates and increases aerobic metabolism

Sedentary life, which afflicts the latest generations has put to “sleep” aerobic metabolism, which can be re-awaken with moderate and constant movement, without efforts. Our body will begin again to burn fat 24 hours a day, rather than accumulate it.

General slimming

Using fat as an energy source, we can loose weight naturally, without any need for restrictive diets. Even appetite is reduced by direct action on the hypothalamus, triggering a virtuous process that leads to the ideal weight.

Localized slimming

Deep and targeted heat produced by selected infrared radiation causes the body to give up fat first, precisely where it accumulates the most; for this reason, with InfraBaldan 3.0 you can choose where to lose weight.

Improvement of blood numbers

Several experiments have shown that after a certain number of sessions you can see reduced cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar, even in this case, in an absolutely natural way.

Also for overweight children

Men and women, whether they practice sports or not, but, above all, it is suitable and safe even for children who, with a fun and effortless system can tackle the problem of overweight.

Reduces sensitivity to physical exertion.

When the body starts to use fat as source of energy, it no longer produces lactic acid anymore and every physical activity becomes less tiring than before, and even pleasant for people who are heavily overweight or are not in good physical shape.

Body Sculpturing and Toning

InfraBaldan 3.0 changes your body shape, reducing unsightly localized fat and toning muscles effectively where you want.

Anti Age action

Constant and continuous physical movement during treatment with InfraBaldan 3.0, induced deep breathing and special infrared lamps, detoxify, purify and regenerate tissues, help fluids drain, increasing vital energy and yielding a feeling of rediscovered wellness.

Activates happiness

The release of endorphin, serotonin and melatonin improves emotional state, vitality and sleep/wake cycle. A feeling of psychophysical wellness that is too often forgotten.

Improves one’s lifestyle

InfraBaldan 3.0 is also a lifestyle that stimulates to improve one’s own Body-Mind relationship and habits.

InfraBaldan 3.0


The activity of InfraBaldan 3.0 is based on the possibility of combining physical activity , which must be moderate but constant, with infrared radiation at selected wavelengths.

To maximize effectiveness, it is necessary to harmonize the action of infrared radiation with heartbeats. Therefore, through a sensor placed on the patient’s earlobe, InfraBaldan 3.0 detects heartbeats and manages infrared lamps accordingly, switching them on and off.




The 40-minute InfraBaldan 3.0 training sessions have been designed to be a tailor-made experience for each client. In addition to weight loss and wellness that will increase with every treatment session, customers will enjoy 40 minutes of total relaxation at will: on the big screen , customers can indeed select their favorite entertainment program.

a session lasts as long as an episode of your favorite series



The InfraBaldan 3.0 treatment entails 40-minute sessions 2/3 times a week until the desired result.


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