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Jk Tek

Hi-Tech Cosmetics: Innovation at the Service of Beauty

JK TEK is the complementary and essential line of professional products to enhance the results of Esthetic Technology. Our emulsions have been specially formulated to be used during treatments, to activate impulses or facilitate manipulation.

These products are designed to allow easy transfer and absorption of active ingredients into the skin, ensuring sensational results. Discover now the ones most suitable for your Esthetic Center!

Enhance your beauty treatments

For most Baldan Group technologies, the integration of cosmetics during and after treatment is necessary. We recommend using the JK TEK line, a collection of essential cosmetics to ensure the proper functioning of our facial and body machines. Emphasize and guarantee superior results, enhancing the customer experience during and after treatment with this cosmetic line.


JK Tek offers a high-quality line created to meet the needs of specific products to be used with our machinery. All products in the line stand out for their high penetration capacity, acting deeply with the right percentage of active ingredients to optimize aesthetic results.


Neo D Derm: the perfect cosmetics to maximize laser hair removal.

Developed with the expertise of cutting-edge cosmetic professionals, Neo D Derm products are true allies of laser hair removal, thanks to their beneficial properties that minimize any discomfort caused by the treatments. Neo D Derm products have been specifically formulated to effectively support the preparation, execution, and post-treatment of laser and IPL hair removal procedures.

The entire range includes products designed to minimize any potential incompatibilities often caused by other products that may be too harsh before and after hair removal treatments.


T-Shape is now synonymous with reshaping and enjoys fame and appreciation from women and men worldwide. This technology has become a true global success. It is precisely because of this success that we also offer three new lines of cosmetic products specifically designed for your clients: TONE, STRONG, and FILL.

Choose JK Tek for your clients

To provide extraordinary results to your clients, choose the professional and comprehensive cosmetic line of JK Tek.

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