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he new frontier of laser hair removal

The innovative technology that combines effectiveness, speed, and comfort, offering hair removal with more significant and long-lasting results compared to other technologies.

Tecnologia Trilaser Baldan Group


Targets the melanin present in the hair follicle, reaching it and releasing the light energy that burns the follicle.


Targets the water surrounding the bulb, reaching it and causing evaporation. The bulb dies due to dehydration.


Targets the blood vessels surrounding the bulb, reaching them and causing coagulation. The blood vessels dry up, and the bulb dies due to lack of nourishment supplied by the blood.

Surprising results from the first session

The Trilaser handpiece combines three different wavelengths simultaneously, allowing for deep penetration into the entire structure of the hair follicle during a single session. The results will be remarkable starting from the first session, with an impressive reduction in the number of hairs!

Strengths of Trilaser:


Trilaser is an extraordinary laser hair removal technology with three wavelengths in a single device to remove hair with long-lasting results.


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